What We’re Learning – February 2022

This month we're highlights building electrification: utility electrification programs, commercial HPWH systems, and New York City’s ban on natural gas hookups....

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Commercial Heat Pump Water Heaters – the Game-Changing Technology We Need Now

Find out the 4 reasons why energy efficient, all-electric commercial HPWH systems are the game-changing technology we need now....

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Electric truck

Are Electric Trucks Coming to your State?

Will the same Americans fall in love with electric trucks? In the near future, we will see the first all-electric pickup trucks entering the new car market....

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What We’re Learning – November 2021

This month, our “What We’re Learning” series highlights workforce education in the HVAC industry....

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Energy Efficient Windows

What We’re Learning – August 2021

DOE Supports the Future of Water Heating, New Research on Windows from ENERGY STAR, and the Keys to Electrifying HVAC Systems in Cold Climates....

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Infographic: Insight Into EV Readiness Among Auto Dealerships

D+R interviewed auto dealers throughout Southern Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia to gained insight into EV readiness among auto dealerships in the region. ...

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electric vehicle

What We’re Learning—June 2021

Find out what we’re learning about behind-the-meter batteries, global EV market trends, and the new Ford F-150 Lighting....

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Let’s Be Proactive: Moving the Needle on Heat Pump Water Heater Adoption

HPWHs are the future of water heating, with local jurisdictions promoting all-electric buildings and a new national effort to accelerate this market. ...

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EV Dealership

Utilities and Dealerships Go Together Like Chocolate and Peanut Butter

Now is the time for utilities to engage auto dealerships in order to stay at the forefront of the Electric Vehicle (EV) conversation. As a growing interest in EVs develops, there is a misalignment of the perceived value of EVs among utiliti...

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