Cannabis and Microgrids: The Perfect Union?

Microgrids. Everyone is talking about them, and why shouldn’t they? We are seeing the impact of harsh weather on our grids, leading to anything from brownouts to wildfires. ...

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EV Trends-500x380

Transportation Electrification Trends for 2021

With 2020 securely in the rear-view, we are reflecting on the many challenges of the past year and looking forward to the possibilities on the horizon for electric vehicles and the energy industry as a whole....

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Demand Response 101

You may have heard of Demand Response (DR), but do you know why it is so important for grid modernization? ...

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Grid Reliability for EVs

Utility Transportation Electrification: Part 5

There are clear environmental benefits to increased electric vehicle (EV) adoption, but there is no doubt that we are stepping into uncharted territory when it comes to powering large numbers of these vehicles....

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Educating EV consumers

Utility Transportation Electrification: Part 4

Developing a transportation electrification plan is key for utilities looking to advance transportation electrification in their service areas. ...

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EV Incentive Programs

Utility Transportation Electrification: Part 3

It is no secret that EVs can be expensive upfront. That is why EV rebate and incentive programs for residential and commercial installations and purchases are among the most effective ways to encourage widespread EV adoption....

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Electric Vehicle Charging

Utility Transportation Electrification: Part 2

While the rise of Electric Vehicle (EV) use causes some uncertainty for utilities, they can develop strategies to prepare for and even lead the EV revolution....

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Electric Vehicle Charger

Utility Transportation Electrification: Part 1

In this five-part blog series, we will dissect the five key areas of a transportation electrification strategy. These points are expanded upon in D+R’s white paper, “A Utility Roadmap for Transportation Electrification.”...

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Shaping the Future of Indoor Agriculture

The D+R team had an amazing time co-hosting the inaugural Indoor Agriculture Energy Solutions Conference (IAES Conference) with the Resource Innovation Institute (RII). ...

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