DRIVE EV Market Services

Transforming the EV Market

What are your goals for EV adoption? We’ll help you get there.

DRIVE EV Market ServicesThe electric vehicle (EV) market is rapidly transforming, creating new opportunities for utilities, regional energy organizations, and the automotive sector. Are you prepared?

In order to align your business goals with EV market developments, D+R International developed DRIVE EV Market Services, a full spectrum solution that connects people, data and opportunities to accelerate EV adoption.

DRIVE EV Market Services helps you:

  • Spot trends
  • Quantify market opportunities
  • Build partnerships
  • Achieve your electric mobility goals

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DRIVE EV Market Services include:

Utility EV Pilot Programs

  • Program design and strategy
  • OEM engagement
  • Dealership engagement
  • EV charger procurement

EV Dealer Partnerships

  • Dealership recruitment
  • Salesperson tools and training
  • Continuing education credits
  • EV marketing support
  • Ride-and-drive events

EV Market Data Analysis

  • Vehicle registration data
  • Demographic research
  • State and local policy analysis
  • Public charging infrastructure locations
  • EVSE sales data collection
  • Mystery shopping

EV Charger (EVSE) Supply Chain Programs

  • Service network recruitment and training
  • EVSE retailer and distributor engagement
  • Partnership agreements

Public Charger Project Management

  • Project scope and roadmap
  • Site selection
  • Level II and DC Fast Charger equipment procurement
  • Installation contractor proposal management

Bulk Buy and Fleet Programs

  • Program design
  • Vehicle research
  • Stakeholder coordination
  • Marketing and promotion

ChooseEV Digital Toolkit

Having the right educational tools helps utility customers make smart transportation decisions. That’s why D+R collaborated with utilities and industry partners to develop the ChooseEVDigital Toolkit, a first of its kind set of tools designed specifically for utilities to quickly and consistently educate their customers on the value and benefits of electric vehicles.

D+R’s DRIVE platform is a 3-step process with one ambition – delivering results.



We start with the idea that good data leads to good decisions. We listen to your needs, then work with you to identify the data you need to solve your biggest challenges.

  • What are your goals for EV adoption?
  • What is the rate of EV ownership in your territory?
  • What is the state of public EV charging infrastructure?
  • What policies, demographics, and market trends will impact EV adoption?


Next, we design a strategy to help you reach your goals.

  • We determine the best way to engage with key partners, auto dealerships, EV Supply Equipment (EVSE) installers and distributors, and customers
  • We set benchmarks for success and create a roadmap to get you there.


With a roadmap in hand, we implement innovative solutions and deliver results.

  • Utility EV pilot program
  • EV dealer partnerships
  • EV market data analysis
  • EV Charger (EVSE) supply chain programs
  • Public charger project management
  • Bulk buy and fleet programs