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David Steiner

David Steiner – President and CEO

David leads the company’s efforts to grow business aligned with its strategic direction and vision. He learned the lessons and benefits of improving efficiency and reusing resources early in his career through multiple positions at The Timken Company, and now seeks to spread the word that responsibility and sustainability are not just good for the environment, but also for businesses, organizations, families and life in general. Steiner envisions sustainable energy and data solutions that transcend the typical confines of business and ideology. Before becoming president of D+R, he served as program manager for the ENERGY STAR program, providing leadership for the team’s efforts to promote and qualify U.S. Department of Energy’s list of products. Prior to joining D+R, Steiner was vice president of government affairs for Maytag Corp., where he had primary responsibility for federal, state, and international government relations. He was a leading advocate for the company’s energy- and water-efficiency efforts. Steiner serves as Director Emeritus of the Virginia Energy Efficiency Council having helped launch the group in 2012 and serving as its President of the Board in 2017-2018. Steiner earned his BA from Ashland University and his MBA at Case Western Reserve University.

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Meredith Donate

Meredith Donate, PHR – Senior Human Resources Manager

Meredith is responsible for talent acquisition, employee lifecycle processing, performance management, professional development, employee relations, policies and compliance, and benefits. She is also a certified yoga instructor. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons.

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Therese Fisher

Therese Fisher – Senior Project Manager

Therese is responsible for managing projects and resources, SCE account management, and business development for the Engineering Services Team. Her expertise includes project management, energy efficiency, electrification, primary research, development and demonstration, clean fuel vehicles and infrastructure. In her free time, Therese enjoys hiking, dirt biking, cooking, making garden art and exploring new places with her family.

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Brandon Gilbertson

Brandon Gilbertson – Senior Technology Resources Manager

Brandon is responsible for leading the development and management of sophisticated, data-driven web applications written in a variety of languages at D+R. He also oversees the design and management of SQL databases that support these applications. Brandon is passionate about his family, music, the outdoors, and all things tech.

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Rachel Goff

Rachel Goff – Program Manager

Rachel is responsible for supporting DesignLights Consortium® program implementation, reviewing manufacturer-supplied test data that describes product performance to confirm validity and accuracy, and communicating with manufacturers about the DesignLights Consortium® program. Rachel is a certified SCUBA diver, and in her free time likes to travel and read.

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Lois Gordon

Lois Gordon – Vice President of Business Development and Engineering Services

Lois joined D+R in 2019 with the acquisition of ASWB Engineering. She leads D+R’s business development teams, combining seasoned executive experience, a commitment to diversity and inclusion, and deep technical expertise in the areas of engineering services, energy programs, and emerging technology. Lois lives in Portland, OR.

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Haibi Lu

Haibi Lu, LC  – Manager of Data Intelligence

Haibi supports technical review of lighting product data, applies numerical analysis to resolve complex technical issues and applies data visualization to support data tool conceptualization and development. His expertise includes market data analysis and visualization, utility energy efficiency program implementation, and LED lighting qualification. He enjoys strategic games and good food in his free time.

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John Morris

John Morris – Senior Director Electric Transportation

John is responsible for oversight on product development, strategic planning and sales for all electric vehicle services across the United States and Canada. John manages an agile sales and account management team to ensure utility clients can rapidly deploy EV programs. His expertise includes energy efficiency, energy policy, electric vehicles and grid edge planning. In his free time, John is out surfing, mixed martial arts training and spending time with his family.

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Dave Ryan

Dave Ryan – Senior Technical Manager

Dave is technical lead for the team that provides guidance and support to clients for promoting energy-efficient lighting, primarily for the DesignLights Consortium’s SSL and Horticultural Qualified Products Lists (QPLs). In his free time, he stays busy with his two young kids, and plays and coaches ultimate frisbee.

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Toby Swope

Toby Swope – Senior Director of DRIVE Solutions

Toby leads the application of D+R’s DRIVE framework to help solve D+R’s clients’ most pressing problems. Toby brings over a decade of experience in developing and deploying strategic solutions, with a specialization in supply chains, market intelligence, data harmonization, and software and product development. Originally from San Francisco, Toby enjoys travelling, hiking and spending time with his wife and kids.

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Dan Vida

Dan Vida – Vice President, Operations

Dan leads a team that provides project planning, communications, contract, and client support services to all D+R teams and provides expert data intelligence advice to our project teams. When Dan’s not in the office, you can find him hiking or otherwise enjoying the great outdoors, usually with camera in hand.

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Jenna Winer

Jenna Winer – Senior Program Manager

Jenna oversees a portfolio of market research and engagement projects for D+R International, including D+R’s DRIVE EV Market Services projects, and helps set direction and management of the Program Team. In her spare time, Jenna enjoys skiing and searching for the best IPA.

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