3 Perspectives on Being a LEED Green Associate

The D+R International (D+R) team values staying up to date in the world of sustainability and green building....

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Indoor Agriculture

Indoor Agriculture Trends for 2020

Growing food and cannabis crops indoors is no longer the plot of a Sci-Fi movie. Indoor agriculture is an industry that not only exists, but it is one that is rapidly growing in North America....

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Holiday LED Lights

Have a Bright, Efficient Holiday with LED Lights

The holiday season seems to come earlier and earlier each year. With household decorations being such a big part of gearing up for the holidays, it is important to consider the impact of your purchases as you stock up for the season. ...

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“Car Guys” and the EV Revolution

About a month ago, the D+R team attended the first annual JD Power Auto Revolution conference to learn more about automotive trends and how OEMs, dealers, and other stakeholders in the industry are preparing for the future of mobility....

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Photo of Cannabis

Let’s Transform the Market for Energy Efficient Indoor Cannabis Cultivation

Growing cannabis indoors is an energy intense process. As the number of states legalizing medical and recreational marijuana increases, the energy footprint increases as well. ...

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Macon Electric Cooperative

Spotlight on Macon Electric Co-op

Rural electric cooperatives are sometimes overlooked in the conversation about transforming how the U.S. generates and consumes energy....

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Data Check Up

The Analyst Is In

How a regular data checkup can keep your organization healthy....

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Associations Are Embracing Data

Insights from the ASAE Annual Meeting. In August, we traveled to Columbus, Ohio, to attend the American Society of Association Executives’ (ASAE) annual meeting and exposition....

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Data Lists

Top 10 Ways to… Skip the Listicles and Make Better Business Decisions

Listicles. They are all over the Internet. If you want to know how to eat right, how to work out more efficiently and how to improve your finances, you will surely find a list online offering neatly packaged lists of tips....

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