Data that DRIVES market success

While many organizations realize the value of data, they struggle to identify how it can be used to improve their performance. That’s where DRIVE comes in. At D+R, we realize that each organization has unique data needs. That’s why we developed DRIVE, a full spectrum solution that combines people, processes, and best practices to deliver accurate, up-to-date, and accessible data that is relevant to your specific industry.

How DRIVE works

DRIVE unlocks the power of data by taking disparate sets of information and turning it into actionable market insight. First, we work with you to identify ways your organization can best leverage data to advance your strategic goals. Then we collect, clean, store, and analyze data, all while making it easy for you to access.

DRIVE aggregates into a user-friendly, interactive online portal. DRIVE’s streamlined dashboard allows you to break down the data to a granular level and compare data sets across a range of variables, resulting in an unparalleled look into your marketplace.

Users can create on-demand reports showcasing the data that’s most significant for their organization or project. DRIVE’s data is current – this means our users can make real-time decisions based on the latest market trends.

Our customers use DRIVE to evaluate their market share, make data-driven decisions about resource allocation, and align their product strategy with market developments. DRIVE produces analytical reports to show market trends and allows you to compare your performance with the national and regional market. With DRIVE, you can not only see where your market has been, but more importantly, where it might be going.

How do our clients use DRIVE? 

Industry Tracking

  • Trends
  • Data visualization
  • Independent analysis

Product Management

  • Criteria development
  • Product qualification

Membership Services

  • Member reporting and tracking
  • Member engagement

Government Affairs

  • Lobbying and compliance support
  • Rulemaking support

External Relations

  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Intra-organizational support
  • Inter-organizational relationships

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