DRIVE – HARDI Unitary Report

The Challenge

A heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment manufacturer with sales operations across the U.S. wanted to get a more detailed understanding of the ductless HVAC market growth and size on a regional level. The company, in formulating their business strategy and production plan for next year, required the data to help them assess growth rates and address the market’s transformation from heating to cooling HVAC equipment. While the client had access to their own sales information and national market trends, they did not have access current market trends at the regional level. The client’s own analysis and growth estimates, based on data captured from annual industry reports, indicated that the ductless market grew by 12.1% between 2013 and 2014.

The Solution

Using the HARDI Unitary Report based on DRIVE, D+R’s web-based business tool, the client could compare their national estimates with the actual ship-through information, learning that the actual market growth figure was closer to 10.58%. Additionally, using aggregated market information in the HARDI Unitary Report enabled the client to get a precise understanding of regional HVAC market variations, including which geographic regions were experiencing the highest rates of growth. DRIVE not only allowed the client to access and view relevant data, it provided them with necessary data to make informed, strategic business decisions. Using this data, the client was able to switch their production line three weeks earlier than originally scheduled and realign their manufacturing process to respond to current market circumstances.

With the market data available through DRIVE, the client was positioned to better evaluate their own market share, assess their sales and business development performance at the regional level, use the information to more accurately run their own market projection models and develop tailored marketing campaigns to more accurately target potential customers in high-growth regions.

Reporting also became quick and easy. The client could generate on-demand reports using specific data sets, to deliver critical information and to make more informed real-time decisions.

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DRIVE – NAED Market Data Program

The Challenge

The National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) is the voice of the electrical distributor. As such, the association provides its members with the tools, information and assistance to help them thrive and improve the electrical distribution channel.

NAED recognized that providing access to market data would expand the value it brings to its members. However, the association did not have the expertise to collect the data and would need to engage an outside company due to anti-trust issues. After a rigorous search for an independent, third-party research provider to develop and administer a market share program, the association selected D+R International.

The Solution

D+R’s DRIVE is a full-service solution that provides NAED with the processes and tool necessary to ensure its program meets the needs of its members. From the start, D+R worked with NAED’s Market Data Task Force to identify ways the organization could best leverage data to advance its members’ strategic goals.

Following a six-month roll out, NAED now has its own market share program tool (built by D+R but owned by NAED) that allows members to submit, aggregate and analyze market data on the electrical wholesale distribution market. As the program grows the tool will allow participating members to breakdown data by geographic area, customer segment and product category, and participants will be able to track and benchmark their own performance against the aggregate market.

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NAED Market Data Program Video
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