A Utility Roadmap for Transportation Electrification

As electric vehicles (EVs) take a larger share of miles driven in the U.S. every year, utilities are beginning to wake up to both the challenge and opportunity presented by transportation electrification. Developing a transportation electrification plan is a necessary first step for utilities interested in preparing for, and advancing, EV adoption in their service territory. This white paper lays out a roadmap for utilities interested in creating their own transportation electrification strategy but unsure where to begin. Examples from utilities across the U.S. are used to demonstrate how utilities can integrate separate EV programs into an inclusive and cohesive transportation electrification program that benefits all customers.

Five key areas of focus are essential to a successful utility transportation electrification plan: A coordinated policy strategy, expanded EV charging infrastructure, EV purchase incentives, market engagement and education, and grid reliability.

Coordination with Policymakers and the Public

How to create an EV-friendly policy infrastructure aligned with state and local policy and community needs.

Expanding Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Infrastructure

Explore the central role utilities play in supporting a robust public charging infrastructure in their service area.

Electric Vehicle Rebates and Other Purchase Incentives

Examine the efficacy of well-designed EV rebate/incentive programs in helping utilities meet their transportation electrification goals.

Market Engagement and Education

The vital role of customer education in furthering EV adoption. Why it is necessary to engage with, and educate, a broad range of stakeholders: customers, local auto dealers, and the manufacturers, distributors, and electrical contractors that supply and install EVSE in homes and businesses.

Grid Reliability in an Electrified Transportation Future  

Transportation electrification will add significant load to the grid, and utilities can manage the impact with a variety of programs. Review examples of EV time-of-use (TOU) rate, smart charging, and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) program models.

EV White Paper

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