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Building Energy Systems | Energy Efficiency | Electrification

New technologies for building energy and electrification require modern solutions for workforce education. Meet your energy efficiency, demand response, and electrification goals by sponsoring engaging and interactive instruction on emerging technologies.


Sponsoring D+R LEARN courses is an investment in the building energy sector that will deliver benefits for years to come.

  • Our training courses fill the skill gaps as the demand for advanced building technologies and electrification grows.
  • Our team includes energy and engineering experts with deep experience in energy management, demand response, training, and building energy optimization.
  • We offer both in-person (synchronous) and online on-demand (or asynchronous) instruction.
  • Courses are geared to maximize learner engagement and knowledge transfer.

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Services designed to meet your education needs and goals

As the preeminent energy management training expert, D+R International, currently offers over 20 courses live and online for building operators, utilities, and energy professionals.

Building on decades of workforce engineering-focused training, we have developed over 40 courses in areas including energy management, residential and commercial HVAC technology, residential heat pump water heating, demand response, electrification, and energy efficiency, delivering over 10,000 hours of classroom instruction.

We also provide equipment training, customized curriculum, and continuous learning plans optimized to your technology investments. Our education and training experts are part of leading technology demonstration projects helping design and implement training standards for emerging technologies.

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