LED Lighting Facts

Building confidence in the LED lighting market

LED Lighting Facts showcases LED products for general illumination from manufacturers who commit to testing products and reporting performance results according to industry standards.

In early 2018, the Department of Energy (DOE) announced it was ending the LED Lighting Facts Program. As the implementer of the program since its inception, D+R International did not want to leave the LED lighting world in the dark. That’s why we stepped in to continue this familiar and trusted resource that the LED lighting market has come to rely on.

d+R client testimonialsLED Lighting Facts is a simple “truth-in-advertising” labeling program that provides consumers with the assurance that the performance of their LED lighting products has been independently verified and that they have an informational label and accessible online tool to compare LED lighting products and manufacturers.

In the past, DOE funded the program, allowing LED Lighting Facts to be offered at no cost to all users. Now that DOE is no longer involved, we’ve introduced a flexible and affordable product listing maintenance subscription service that includes options for monthly or annual payment plans, as well as an annual fee for accredited testing lab facilities to participate on the Approved Lab list. For end users – buyers, distributors, consumers, etc. – access to the program continues to be free.

Value for Manufacturers

Use the LED Lighting Facts label to tell your buyers exactly what they can expect. Our LED Lighting Facts label helps manufacturers who want to provide assurances that their product performance claims are valid by displaying their product data tested according to industry standards with independent verification of accuracy.

The LED Lighting Facts searchable database helps manufacturers who want to list their products with the program by making it easy to find and compare all the information about their products to other products. Along with the LED Lighting Facts label that you will receive for your product, your product will be publicly searchable from the online database to consumers, retailers and distributors and lighting specifiers.

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Value for Approved Labs

LED Lighting Facts invites testing laboratories to subscribe and promote their services to manufacturers from the LED Lighting Facts Approved Labs List. LED Lighting Facts will only accept test reports from Approved Lab Partners. The searchable testing lab database helps testing labs who want to promote their status as an Approved Lab by making it easy for manufacturers to search and verify their status as an approved lab with current accreditations to test products for listing in the program. LED Lighting Facts has a partner mark specifically for Approved Lab Partners for use in promotional and marketing efforts.

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Value for Distributors and Retailers

Unlike a label with claims that are self-declared by the manufacturer, the LED Lighting Facts label provides the assurances to retailers and consumers that the product has been tested and the performance information is independently verified. It is also a way for distributors, suppliers and retailers to compare and vet products.

The Specification Tool is designed for the lighting design community and leverages the value of the extensive LED Lighting Facts database of products. It provides a customized platform for easily tracking and filtering products for all types of projects and client needs. All Lighting Pro and Retailer and Distributor partners who set up account access via their registered email address will have free access to the Specification Tool.

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Be a Part of this “Truth-in-advertising” Labeling Program

Join the thousands of LED Lighting Facts partners, including manufacturers, retailers and distributors, lighting professionals and testing laboratories by visiting the LED Lighting Facts website.