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Helping utilities drive a smart electric vehicle marketplace

Criteria and standards development for energy efficiency programs - D+R InternationalSo, you’ve been tracking the conversation about electric vehicles (EV) and you’re ready to position your utility as a resource for your customers to gain a better understanding of the EV opportunity. Let ChooseEV help you start on your mission.

Having the right educational tools helps utility customers make smart transportation decisions. That’s why D+R collaborated with utilities and industry partners to develop the ChooseEV Digital Toolkit, a first of its kind set of tools designed specifically for utilities to quickly and consistently educate their customers on the value and benefits of electric vehicles. By plugging this customized turnkey solution into your website, you’ll be able to increase customer awareness, collect market data, change customer behavior and shape your load with no code or IT required.

Accelerate Revenue and Customer Satisfaction

D+R’s ChooseEV platform is a comprehensive set of tools that gives your customers everything they need to start their electric vehicle (EV) journey. By guiding your customers toward EV, utilities have the opportunity to utilize off-peak load for a revenue boost that simultaneously positions your utility as a go-to, trusted EV resource.

Available in several different format options, the ChooseEV Digital Toolkit is a treasure trove of customizable EV information that helps your customers understand the value of choosing EV—including substantial federal tax credits and various state incentives to reduce the cost of qualified EV models and level 2 chargers.

Shape your load, customer behavior and your understanding of the market

ChooseEV sharpens your understanding of your customers and the market by letting you collect market data before, during and after implementation. In addition to the market data you’ll collect from customer actions while implementing this toolkit, D+R’s building profile database can set you off on a targeted path by guiding preliminary segmentation and customer filtering to help you know your market out of the gates.

Let ChooseEV help you build a smart EV marketplace

Visit the ChooseEV website for more information.

ChooseEV’s comprehensive set of tools and services include: 

  • EV Benefits Landing Page
  • EV Frequently Asked Questions
  • EV Promotions and Events Directory
  • Public Charger Finder (DOE version)
  • Gasoline/Electric Savings Calculator
  • EV Model Comparison Tool
  • Carbon Calculator
  • Incentive Stacker Communication Tool
  • Customer EV Survey
  • Directory of local EV charger installers
  • EV Dealer Locator
  • Level 2 EV charger retailer finder

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