D+R International Launches DRIVE EV Market Services

New Business Intelligence Solution Enables Utilities to Make Decisions Based on the Latest Electric Vehicle (EV) Market Trends

SILVER SPRING, Md., February 27, 2019—D+R International, a leader in market data and analysis, announced today the official launch of DRIVE EV Market Services, a holistic solution that helps utilities build partnerships, spot trends, quantify market opportunities, draw comparisons and align business strategies with market developments based on the most current and actionable data on the EV market.

“What makes our solution so unique is D+R’s ability to bring key market actors together to advance electric mobility goals,” said David P. Steiner, President and CEO of D+R International. “DRIVE EV Market Services connects people, data and opportunities to accelerate EV adoption within each utility service territory.”

DRIVE EV Market Services helps establish EV benchmarks in utility service territories and define reasonable EV adoption goals over time. Data provided includes current levels of EV ownership, key trends that will accelerate or slow down-market adoption, policies that are currently in place and demographic research. To help utilities reach their electric mobility goals, DRIVE EV Market Services provides a custom roadmap and a tailored strategy based on their needs and budgets.

“DRIVE EV Market Services places our utility client as the central actor in our EV market transformation model,” said John Morris, Vice President Market Development of D+R International. “By bringing key relationships to our utility clients, we advance EV adoption at a much faster pace.”