D+R International and Qmerit Partner to Provide Utilities with a Comprehensive EV Charger Solution

SILVER SPRING, Md., March 10, 2020 — D+R International, Ltd. (D+R), a leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) market solutions, and Qmerit, the developer of a robust nationwide network of pre-qualified EV charging station installers, announced today that they are partnering to help utilities advance their transportation electrification goals through a simplified, full spectrum charger installer solution.

The partnership agreement provides a streamlined solution for D+R’s current and prospective clients seeking certified installers for EV chargers. D+R’s utility clients will have the option of adding Qmerit’s software-as-a-service platform that includes partnerships with charger companies and auto manufacturers.

D+R’s DRIVE EV Market Services, in partnership with The Yenter Group, has delivered a consumer education platform known as ChooseEV to utilities across North America. This platform serves to educate auto-buying consumers about the benefits and issues of purchasing and owning an EV. To date, over 550 utilities in 35 states and provinces have adopted the ChooseEV platform for their members and customers.

Many utility clients need a fully vetted network of charger installers to help their members and customers install the proper charging device. Qmerit’s platform has the most comprehensive network of certified installers providing consumers with a ready-made system to ensure safe installations.

D+R International President and CEO David P. Steiner said, “D+R’s ChooseEV clients have been seeking a charger installation network that comes with the highest qualification process, and we believe Qmerit will deliver that for them. Auto companies consider Qmerit’s EV Concierge Program to be the best they have worldwide. We are thrilled to introduce this service to our current clients and new prospects in the EV space.”

Qmerit’s CEO and Chairman Tracy K. Price said, “Qmerit seeks to build networks that expand the EV charging infrastructure at a greater pace that creates a ready market for automakers as they introduce new EV models. We believe the utility market, with its focus on customer needs, is the next step and we look forward to seeing the partnership grow with D+R and ChooseEV.”

For more information visit drintl.com/solutions/drive-ev-market-services and Qmerit.com/EVnetwork.

D+R International (D+R) connects people, data, and opportunities to transform disruption into innovative market solutions for a new energy future. Since its founding in 1985, D+R has helped introduce and support programs and marketing initiatives that compel consumers to action. D+R’s DRIVE EV Market Services helps utilities build partnerships, spot trends, quantify market opportunities, draw comparisons and align business strategies with market developments based on the most current and actionable data on the EV market. For more information about D+R International, visit: drintl.com.

ABOUT Qmerit
Qmerit is a nationwide provider of residential EV charger installations due to its seamless and efficient technology platform that connects EV buyers and corporate fleet managers seeking home EV charger installations with certified installers in their area.

Premier companies, such as Chevrolet, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, MINI, Enel X, Electrify America, and ChargePoint refer to Qmerit’s nationwide network of certified installers to provide high-quality EV charger installations. Based on Qmerit’s 2019 Net Promoter Score, 96% of respondents would recommend Qmerit to their friends and colleagues. Qmerit continues to innovate by delivering the industry’s first concierge installation service for Jaguar’s I-PACE and BMW’s 530e with inductive wireless charging and by aggregating the purchase volume of its installers to negotiate deep discounts on parts and equipment; thereby, lowering the cost of EV charger installations. To learn more, visit us at Qmerit.com/EVnetwork.