D+R International, a Leader in Market Analysis Launches DRIVE at E-Source Forum 2017

New Business Intelligence Tool Enables Real-Time Decisions Based on Latest HVAC Market Trends

Silver Spring, MD, September 12, 2017 – D+R International announced the official launch of DRIVE, a business intelligence tool that provides accurate, up-to-date data about the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) market at E-Source 2017 Forum taking place in Denver, Colorado this week.

Monthly sales data is collected in partnership with Heating, Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI) members and aggregated into a user-friendly, interactive web-based tool.  D+R’s metrics allows users to filter and drill down into the most granular details of the data, including by region, month, and seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER).  D+R will offer DRIVE as an annual subscription-based service.

“We created DRIVE with equipment manufacturers, utility companies, trade associations and regulatory organizations in mind,” said David P. Steiner, President and CEO of D+R International.  “DRIVE enables users to spot trends, quantify market opportunities, draw comparisons and align their business strategies with market developments.”

Unlike annual reporting tools, DRIVE’s data is refreshed quarterly and is designed to deliver the most current and actionable data on the HVAC market at the national and regional level.  Users can easily export data from DRIVE to create on-demand reports using 3rd party reporting tools and applications.  DRIVE’s data can be used to evaluate market share, assess sales performance, run more precise market projection models or develop tailored marketing campaigns to accurately target customers in high-growth regions.

“DRIVE users can now compare specific data sets across a range of variables for an unparalleled look into the HVAC marketplace and make more informed real-time business decisions” explained Dan Vida, Senior Manager, Market Intelligence and Product Development.

D+R International is an exhibitor at E Source Forum 2017 in Denver, Colorado, September 12-15 and will provide live demonstrations of DRIVE at booth #8.   E Source Forum brings together representatives from utilities and other energy service providers as well as government representatives and others involved in improving and redefining how energy is delivered, purchased, and used.

About D+R International

D+R International connects people, data and opportunities to transform disruption into innovative market solutions for a new energy future.  Since its founding in 1985, D+R International has helped introduce and support programs and marketing initiatives that compel consumers to action. Our purpose is to drive the advancement of resource-efficient technologies with the aim of preserving natural resources. We work with federal, state, and local governments, the retail supply chain, product manufacturers, utilities, the building industry and energy efficiency organizations to build strong environmental initiatives and market-focused solutions that deliver results. For more information about D+R International, visit: www.drintl.com.