Motor Efficiency

Number of Credits (if applicable): NATE: 4.0, BPI: 4.0 Course Length: 4 hrs (2, 2hr sessions)

Course Description: In this course, attendees will learn about different types of motors, essential characteristics for building system functionality, how motors work, and common applications of motors in commercial buildings. This course dives deep into the electrical principles of motors, the importance of load control and appropriate sizing, and the value of preventative maintenance in system efficiency and operability. Lastly, this course investigates the future of motor and energy efficiency technology.

Audience: Engineers, technicians, facility managers, and maintenance personnel.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review types of motors, motor voltages, and motor size
  • Explore the many applications of motors in building systems
  • Learn about motor losses, how to improve motor efficiency, and protect equipment to ensure longevity
  • Examine the electrical principles of motors and the value of load control opportunities
  • Address common issues with motors, preventative maintenance, and useful solutions
  • Investigate the future of motors and energy efficiency technology