Energy Management Systems

Number of Credits (if applicable): BPI: 4.0 Course Length: 4 hrs (2, 2hr sessions)

Course Description: Getting the most energy savings out of your HVAC requires building systems to be capable of adjustment, such as variable speed drives or demand limiting, as opposed to simple on/off control. However, these strategies often add a higher level of complexity making it more challenging to keep persistent energy savings over time. Energy Management Systems and Analytics are often offered up as a solution to this problem. This course will provide a deep dive exploration on the reality of energy management systems and how they are not a one-size-fits all endeavor and how each one needs its one requirement and parameter for success.

Audience: Building owners, building managers, operators, maintenance professionals, and facility managers.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify key differences between building management systems (BMS) and energy management systems (EMS)
  • Review fundamental EMS qualities, controls and techniques appropriate for different users, audiences and end goals
  • Explore key performance indicators and strategies for dashboard configuration that provide transparency in building system operations, focusing on HVAC systems
  • Evaluate effective EMS implementation, current product availability and successful case studies in new and retrofit projects