Commercial Heat Pump Water Heaters: Design, Operation & Maintenance

Prerequisite: Introduction to CHPWHs: The WHYs and HOWs in Multifamily & Commercial Applications

Number of Credits (if applicable): Credits: NATE: 8.0, BPI: 8.0 Course Length: 8 hrs (4, 2hr sessions)

Course Description: This 8-hour course dives deep into the technology, design, and implementation of commercial HPWH systems. From identifying whether the technology is right for a building and knowing how to specify equipment, to purchasing/ installing equipment and ensuring proper maintenance, this course walks learners through the entire process of identifying, acquiring, implementing, and operating a commercial HPWH system.

Audience: Engineers, architects, designers, building facility managers, and maintenance personnel.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review codes/policies that encourage or require all-electric domestic water heating systems
  • Understand the advantages of commercial heat pump water heater for various applications
  • Analyze system configurations and design considerations, including controls
  • Explore the Ecosizer tool, available equipment, and installation considerations
  • Review maintenance routines that ensure optimal system performance