Commercial Heat Pump Water Heaters for Multifamily Settings

Number of Credits (if applicable): BPI: 2.0 Course Length: 2 hrs

Course Description: This course provides a foundation for implementing commercial heat pump water heaters in multifamily settings. In addition to discussing state and local codes and policies pushing the implementation of this technology, this course also explores different commercial system configurations, system components, equipment sizing, and available products. It explores case studies of successful system implementations as well as lessons learned from the field.

Audience: Engineers, architects, designers, building owners/managers, and maintenance personnel.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss state and local codes/policies that are driving change
  • Explore the energy savings potential of commercial HPWH systems
  • Review available residential and commercial heat pump technology
  • Discuss the fundamentals of heat pump water heaters and commercial system design
  • Understand and examine applications best suited for commercial HPWH systems
  • Evaluate case studies featuring successful system implementation