Chilled Water Systems and Cooling Towers

Number of Credits (if applicable): NATE: 4.0, BPI: 4.0 Course Length: 4 hrs (2, 2hr sessions)

Course Description: This class presents an overview of cooling towers and chilled water systems, including basic equipment and system components, operation, air-conditioning concepts, common system configurations, opportunities to improve system efficiency, and common maintenance challenges (and solutions). Additionally, this course explores integrated demand side management strategies (IDSM) that can provide significant savings opportunities for building operations.

Audience: Engineers, technicians, facility managers, and maintenance professionals.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the design and components of cooling towers
  • Discuss efficient plant operations and essential specifications
  • Identify the trade-off between cooling tower size and energy savings
  • Define and describe integrated demand side management (IDSM) strategies
  • Review common maintenance issues and their solutions