ADR-101: Understanding Automated Demand Response

Number of Credits (if applicable): BPI: 2.0 Course Length: 2 hrs

Course Description: This course defines demand response, details the benefits in different facility types, and highlights types of demand response control strategies. Additionally, this course provides an in-depth review of Automated Demand Response (ADR) communication, configuration, and benefits while reviewing Title 24 codes/policies that apply to nonresidential systems and processes including HVAC systems, indoor lighting systems, etc.

Audience: Business owners/developers, facility managers, technicians, and utility program managers.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe and analyze various types of demand side management strategies
  • Define demand response and explore its application in a variety of facility types
  • Review the types of demand response control strategies and how they differ
  • Examine Title 24 requirements for demand response and understand utility demand response programs, applications, types and incentives