Motors and Adjustable Speed Drives/Variable Frequency Drives

Number of Credits (if applicable): NATE: 4.0, BPI: 4.0 Course Length: 4 hrs (2, 2hr sessions)

Course Description: This course explores motors and adjustable speed drives. Students learn about different types of motors, essential characteristics for building system functionality, how motors work, and common applications of motors in commercial buildings. In conjunction, students learn about adjustable speed drives and their practical/proven energy and equipment efficiency applications. This course examines the evolution and application of adjustable speed drive technology, manual/automated control strategies, and the short/long term benefits on energy savings and equipment.

Audience: Engineers, technicians, facility managers, and maintenance professionals.

Learning Objectives:

  • Investigate types of motors, motor voltages, and motor size
  • Explore the many application of motors in building systems
  • Learn about motor losses, how to improve motor efficiency, and equipment longevity
  • Explore the evolution and value of adjustable speed drives in commercial buildings
  • Identify the types of adjustable speed drives and how they work
  • Review strategies to control and monitor adjustable speed drives