NAED Market Data Program

The Challenge

The National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) is the voice of the electrical distributor. As such, the association provides its members with the tools, information and assistance to help them thrive and improve the electrical distribution channel.

NAED recognized that providing access to market data would expand the value it brings to its members. However, the association did not have the expertise to collect and manage the data and would need to engage an outside company due to anti-trust issues. After a rigorous search for an independent, third-party research provider to develop and administer a market share program, the association selected D+R International.

The Solution

D+R’s DRIVE is a full-service solution that provides NAED with the processes and tool necessary to ensure its program meets the needs of its members. When D+R was first engaged, we met with NAED’s Market Data Task Force to identify ways the organization could best leverage data to advance its members’ strategic goals.

Following a six-month roll-out, NAED has their own market share program tool (built by D+R but owned by NAED) that allows members to submit, aggregate and analyze market data on the electrical wholesale distribution market. The tool allows members to breakdown data by geographic area, customer segment and product category, and participants will be able to benchmark their own performance against the aggregate market.

For the data collection and management, D+R provides full-service assistance to participating distributors.  This includes:

  • Onboarding training on data submission and system use
  • Product identification and categorization
  • Customer identification and segmentation
  • Data cleaning and processing
  • Technical support on reports

For more information, please visit:
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