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EVRoadTrip 2019

Tesla XD+R International’s John Morris and Stephen Baboi are packing their bags, charging a Tesla X, and plotting their route for an electric vehicle (EV) road trip to Efficiency Exchange 2019 (EFX). They’ll set off on their journey in Portland, OR, on May 13th, make several stops along the way, and arrive at the EFX in Coeur D’Alene, ID, on May 14.

Before they buckle up, we sat down for a Q&A to find out how they got this great gig and learn more about the EVRoadTrip 2019.

Q: Why are you doing the road trip?

John: We are doing this road trip to demonstrate how easy it is to drive an electric vehicle—even through more rural areas. We also want to check in on our ChooseEV utility clients, hear the latest from them on EV strategic planning, and get a good understanding of the EV charging experience in their service territories.

Q: Why did you decide to rent a Tesla X for the trip?

Stephen: We felt it would have a lighter environmental impact than two round trip airplane tickets. We were curious to see how good the Tesla charging infrastructure is, and we really like the range of the Tesla Model X.

Q: Where are you stopping to charge along the way?

John: On the way to Coeur D’Alene we will be stopping in The Dalles and Hood River in Oregon, we also will be going through the Tri-Cities in Washington along with Spokane, Seattle, and Vancouver. Follow along on social media to see where we end up!

Q: What are you looking forward to most?

John: I am excited to meet with our utilities on the road and I am excited about the EV panel we will be presenting on at the Efficiency Exchange conference.

Stephen: The feeling you get from reducing your carbon footprint… and of course mashing on the go pedal!

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