Implementing Heat Pumps Water Heaters in Replacement Scenarios Why They Make Sense

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Credits: NATE 2.0 BPI 3.0

Course Description: This course establishes a clear value proposition for heat pump water heaters for plumbers, while addressing key barriers to their adoption. It also provides targeted sales training to identify customers and opportunities for client-facing staff and plumbers while delving into key installation considerations including space limitations, noise, condensate management, sizing, operational modes, and error codes.

Audience: HVAC installers, technicians, and sales professionals.

Learning Objectives: 

● Understand the key challenges to installation of heat pump water heaters
● Examine the value proposition for heat pump water heaters as replacements in a variety of residential scenarios
● Walkthrough targeted sales training to assist in the process of identifying and qualifying customers

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Apr 19 2022


Pacific Time
9:00 am - 11:00 am

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