Central Heat Pump Water Heating Systems for Multifamily Buildings

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Number of Credits (if applicable): BOC 2.0

Course Description: Central heat pump water heating plug-and-play system for multifamily buildings are relatively new in the US marketplace. Designers, contractors, and facility managers have had little exposure to these systems, but many state and local policies, including several all-electric new construction reach codes, are pushing for the implementation of clean water heating technology, responding to concerns for the climate and the health of building occupants.  This session introduces the range of available products and presents the fundamental concepts related to how they work and interact with other systems in the building.

This webinar also explains the key design and maintenance challenges associated with incorporation of this technology in a variety of multifamily building types (low, medium, and high rise). Learners will see several case studies and hear about accompanying lessons learned that optimize system functionality.  Participants will also learn about utility and other incentives available to implement this clean technology.


Learning Objectives: 

  • Understanding the advantages of heat pump water heater systems for multifamily buildings
  • Delving into the economics of heat pump water heater systems and how they compare with traditional gas and electric resistance water heating systems (considering both first costs and operational costs)
  • Learning how to identify a good candidate project for a heat pump water heating system
  • Understanding key system configurations and design considerations, such as:
  • Refrigerants (temperature range, global warming potential, performance)
  • Primary heating vs. temperature maintenance
  • Single-pass vs multi-pass designs
  • Proper sizing tp avoid cycling and other issues
  • Highlighting the characteristics of high-performance systems:
  • Becoming familiar with Ecotope’s new sizing tool, Ecosizer 1
  • Learning about available equipment


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Mar 22 2022


Pacific Time
9:00 am - 11:00 am

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