Introduction to Commercial Heat Pump Water Heaters

The Whys and Hows in Multifamily and Commercial Applications

Number of Credits (if applicable): NATE: 2.0, BPI: 2.0 Course Length: 2 hrs (2, 1hr sessions)

Course Description: The first part of this course explores the policy drivers that are pushing the integration of commercial heat pump water heating systems and highlights the economic, energy, and environmental advantages of heat pump water heater systems for commercial and multifamily projects. It also discusses successful projects and case studies, while outlining which applications have the best opportunities for success. The second part of this course provides an overview of how heat pumps work, the components of commercial heat pump water heaters systems, and design considerations. It explores the impact of critical design considerations, such as refrigerant and air buffer zones, and provides an update on the status and market availability of current heat pump products.

Audience: Building owners/managers, developers, architects, designers, builders, policy makers, and engineers.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify national, state, and local codes/policies that are driving change
  • Understand the unique value proposition of CHPWH systems
  • Explore the characteristics of a good project candidate and why investing makes sense
  • Discuss the fundamentals of heat pump water heater design and operation
  • Examine the essential components of commercial heat pump water heating systemsAnalyze important system design considerations that improve energy efficiency and system success