EV-101: Introduction to Electric Vehicles

Number of Credits (if applicable): BPI 2.0 Course Length: 2 hrs

Course Description: This course addresses topics necessary to provide utility staff with a basic understanding of electric vehicle topics and gives them the tools to answer customer-facing electric vehicle questions. This course utilizes interactive tools to learn about EV types and to calculate electric vehicle savings. Attendees will understand the purchase decisions related to electric vehicles and develop a set of questions to ask an electric vehicle dealer prior to purchase. This course will also give attendees a high level understanding of EV fleet applications

Audience: Utility staff and consumers.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the differences between types of electric vehicles and gas powered cars
  • Compare and contrast vehicle range and technology
  • Explore purchasing decisions, important considerations, cost savings potential, and incentives/rebates available for electric vehicle ownership
  • Examine successful electric vehicle fleet implementation