Measurement and Verification

ASWB’s thought leadership and expertise on M&V, related-policy recommendations, smart meters/interval data analysis and over-generation risks provide critical support for leading utility and community energy implementers. Examples of our work include:

Statewide Program Improvements for Auto-DR Programs

In 2018, California’s Electric Investor Owned Utilities (IOUs) asked ASWB to evaluate and develop strategies to improve customer uptake of the existing “Auto-DR Express” and “FastTrack” programs, particularly among SMBs.

ASWB conducted a needs assessment, which included stakeholder interviews, analysis of ten years of Auto-DR participant data, and evaluation other DR pilots. The assessment resulted in three stages recommended solutions:
1. Program streamlining and simplification for immediate adoption
2. Long-term direct install strategy
3. Deemed “dollar-per-device” load shed incentive proof of concept

Engineering Support for Central Water Heater Multifamily Building Solutions

ASWB provides engineering support to DNV-GL in implementing the SoCalGas Central Water Heater Multifamily Building Solutions (CWHMBS) program.

This program seeks to reduce gas consumption at participating multifamily buildings by incentivizing packaged EE measures using a Normalized Metered Energy Consumption (NMEC) approach with post-install monitoring to quantify savings.

In this pilot program’s first year, ASWB surveyed and modeled 60 sites, identifying 62,000 therms of potential annual gas savings.

Automated Demand Response Workforce Development

Automated Demand ResponseFunded by the California Energy Commission under the Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC), ASWB is a project partner supporting the acceleration of ADR communications equipment installations by enrolling 200 small and medium buildings and public facilities in disadvantaged communities into utility demand response programs.

As a significant component of contractor support, ASWB developed an ADR enablement training program for electrical contractors, which includes opportunities to work with emerging technologies and practice connecting, configuring, and troubleshooting equipment found in the field. Instrument training panels (shown here), hands-on activities, and coursework materials give attendees the most comprehensive and applicable experience possible.

Southern California Edison – Auto-Demand Response Incentives and Measurement & Verification

Auto-Demand ResponseIn nearly ten years of working on this program, ASWB has evaluated more than 3,500 commercial and industrial sites and conducted nearly 2,000 site visits. We performed measurement, verification and commission-based savings of ADR-enrolled sites, performed load shed calculations and administered incentives.

Using data collected from these sites, ASWB developed a DR market characterization study and training session for SCE’s to further market development opportunities based on our unique insights on specific ADR technologies, savings attribution, and vendor participation.

Auto-DR Incentive Program: Project Verification Engineer

Since 2006, ASWB has served as the project verification engineer (PVE) for Auto-DR and commission-based installations for SCE, PG&E, and SDG&E.

Over the years, ASWB has reviewed and tested 195MW of automated load shed and more than 3,200 commercial and industrial sites.

We also act as a trusted, vendor-neutral, equipment-agnostic advisor to customers and program implementers statewide.